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To use a meditation cushion is pretty straightforward, the general goal is to help push your back up so it is easy to keep your back straight. Your knees will then rest on the floor which helps to make more comfortable our position. A meditation cushion is an important addition to any meditation practice.

There are many different types of meditation cushions and range in different shapes and sizes. Including round, rectangle, shape of a bean, half and more.

As well as meditation stools that can help support you without putting weight on your legs. Your legs fold under the stool so its as if you are actually kneeling.

Other important items that can be used alongside meditation can include pillows, yoga bolsters, yoga blankets and mats.




So if we are sitting in full lotus, half lotus or normal position it is helpful and takes some of the strain off the legs and back. In turn it keeps the posture of the spine perfectly straight and takes any unnecessary weight off it.

When getting into position on the cushion make sure to move back and forward as well as left and right to help get a general idea of where the center is in the cushion.

Meditation cushions usually come filled with buckwheat or something similar that can handle long time use.

There are many colors that can be chose from including blue, red and others.


How to use a zafu?

The Zafu meditation cushion is the traditional round cushion, it raises the upper part of the body from the top of the legs upwards. It usually comes with a supporting under mat to help protect the strain on your knees.

Zafu meditation cushions can be sat on in the same way as the traditional meditation cushions. They come in colors varying green, red, brown, orange, white, blue, purple and more..




Why different colors?

The different colors can create a psychological effect in the mood of our meditations. For example:

Red – is linked with energy or action and related with mother nature or the divine mother.

Blue – represents wisdom or knowledge and is a common color associated with truth. Also associated with healing.

Yellow – represents sacrifice or giving to others a sense of selflessness.


This are the main three colors of nature and are very important.


White – is a focus on purity and cleanliness.



Depending on your mood and what you want to achieve choose the color that is best for you and depending on your mindset and what your focus is in meditation.

Meditation cushions can be quite easy to clean as well. You can empty the buckwheat and wash the cover and put a new supply of buckwheat or you can use the existing buckwheat.


Besides using meditation cushions you can lay down to achieve results but the sitting upright helps to remove that laziness and falling asleep. The eastern world can easily adopt to sitting up right rather easier than the western world. So its usually more easier for a western person to adopt the lying down position but doesn’t mean western people cant adopt the sitting postures.

The western person usually has a different mindset to that of the eastern person so the requirements will be different for each person. Choose one that is easiest for you.



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