Self Development

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Imagine having an audience with the Dalai Lama every day, receiving personal advice about how to make your life better and more joyful. 365 Dalai Lama offers exactly that: short and inspiring words offering enlightening advice for everyday living. The teachings in 365 Dalai Lama offer an opportunity to feel the focus and presence of […]

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For more than half a century, in such books as The Art of Happiness and The Dalai Lama’s Little Book of Inner Peace, the Dalai Lama has guided us along the path to compassion and taught us how to beef up our inner lives. In A Force for Good, with the help of his longtime […]


“Everyone dies, but no one is dead,” goes the Tibetan saying. It is with these words that “Advice on Dying” takes flight. Using a seventeenth-century poem written by a prominent scholar-practitioner, His Holiness the Dalai Lama draws from a wide range of traditions and beliefs to explore the stages we all go through when we […]

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Ancient Teachings for Beginners by Douglas De Long reveals the mysteries from the distant past and how they can lead to a brighter future in the New Age. It begins with a brief history of spiritual development from before ancient Egypt right up to the present. It continues by explaining the secrets of the aura […]

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In Becoming Enlightened, His Holiness the Dalai Lama draws from traditional Buddhist meditative practices to present step by step contemplative exercises designed to expand the reader’s capacity for spiritual growth, along side clear milestones to mark progress. By following the spiritual practices outlined in Becoming Enlightened, readers can learn to replace negative feelings with positive […]

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If you change your brain, you can change your life. Great teachers like the Buddha, Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, and Gandhi were all born with brains built essentially like anyone else’s—and then they changed their brains in ways that changed the world. Science is now revealing how the flow of thoughts actually sculpts the brain, and […]

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Connect with the sacred art of Buddhism through the creative act of coloring. Buddhist art is rich with symbolism and meaning. Taking the time to color and interact with these symbols and motifs is a simple yet profound way to practice mindfulness and move closer to a greater awareness of one’s own essential nature. The […]

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Buddhism is all about training the mind, and boot camp is an ideal training method for this generation’s short attention span. The chapters in this small book can be read in any order, and are simple and easy to understand. Each story, inspirational quote, and teaching offers mindfulness-enhancing techniques that anyone can relate to. You […]

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A landmark publication which offers Western readers a unique combination of what Buddhists worldwide consider the holiest of holy texts The Diamond Sutra and The Heart Sutra, two sutras, or scriptures, ascribed to the early centuries of the first millennium.   The Diamond Sutra, or the Perfection of Wisdom, which cuts like a thunderbolt, is […]


Learn the methods used by mystics and seers worldwide to awaken consciousness in the dream state. Among the ancient mystics, shamans, Egyptians, Tibetans, and even modern investigators like Carl Jung, consciousness and the dream state have been of the utmost spiritual and psychological importance. Astral projection, lucid dreaming, out-of-body experiences and vision quests are all […]

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Two leading thinkers engage in a landmark conversation about human emotions and the pursuit of psychological fulfillment At their first meeting, a remarkable bond used to be sparked between the Dalai Lama, some of the world’s revered non secular leaders, and the psychologist Paul Ekman, whose groundbreaking work helped to define the science of emotions. […]


The authors explore vajra-romance as the living application and dynamism of the Nyi-da Melong a Dzogchen tantra from the cycle of visionary teachings of the enigmatic Nyingma treasure discoverer Khyungchen Aro Lingma. The Nyi-da Melong Gyud opens the door to those who are inspired to integrate every aspect of human life with spiritual practice and […]